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Thank you Andromeda Orchestra Record Team!

A big special thank you to our composer Stephan Willing, orchestrator Orlando Perez Rosso, co-ordinator Aude Nassieu Maupas, and to F.A.M.E.S. Macedonian Symphony Orchestra and Recording Studio for an amazing recording session this morning! I'm so excited to get this mixed and in our film Andromeda

Composer: Stephan Willing Orchestrator: Orlando Perez Rosso Orchestra: Macedonian Music & Entertainment 10 violins I 8 Violins II 6 Violas 4 Cellos 2 Basses 2 Flutes 2 Oboes (second doubles with cor anglais) 1 Bb Clarinet 1 Bass clarinet 1 Bassoon 1 Contrabasson

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